National Football League -

London Dragoons Workmark.png

I decided on Dragoons as the team name as it is simplistic but retains a striking and powerful feeling, each country in the UK has a Dragoon regiment as well as London, making each country feel like a part of the team. A slogan was needed which united UK audiences rather than make them feel alienated by the team being based in London, #AKingdomUnited serves this purpose perfectly.

Logo outline offwhite.png

A logo and emblem that was congruent to the rest of the NFL’s teams branding, I developed a unique emblem that depicted a charging Dragoon on horseback reinforcing a powerful and striking tone to audiences. This is also present on the side of the team’s official helmets.

A set of uniforms for home, away and alternate games were produced. There are many references within these uniforms most of notable being British redcoat troops in the US during the American Revolution, striped socks like those seen on 19th century UK football teams and a golden facemask paying tribute London’s European American football team the London Monarchs. The London Dragoon's official hat badge was placed on the rightsize of the chest to give the team some heritage as it very little because it's new.

AKU Scotland.png
AKU Wales.png
AKU Ireland.png

A campaign which introduced the team to UK audiences and again effectively united audiences from across the United Kingdom which worked hand in hand with the team’s slogan / motto #AKingdomUnited. This campaign shows giant players in situ of landmarks found across each of the UK’s countries, these large players are a metaphor for each of the fans that are spread all over the UK that are passionate and devoted fans that travel to London to watch their team play. ​

This advertisement would be produced with each of the giant players walking from across the UK to the London Stadium where they play, this would be delivered via a video. I also wrote a strong and evocative spoken word poem to be used as the voice over for this short advert.​

This stills shown on the previous slide are stills that could be used for social media or large out of home advertisements such as billboards.