Tŷ Cerdd

Ty Cerdd Conjoined Logo.png

The Tŷ Cerdd brief was to rebrand a music centre based in Cardiff, the brief required a new and contemporary logo which was completely different and more modern facing than their previous iterations, whilst avoiding tropes associated with the music theme. The company itself operates a large variety of services and networking including running orchestras, holds an online store, a recording studio, connecting composers to musicians and a variety of other things, this made it difficult to narrow down a branding outcome. I decided to look at the shape of an orchestra and a record as well to reflect these aspects of the company, my outcome was a 'TC' illustrated in a circular motion which reflects the layout of a orchestra and that of a vinyl record, I decided to dedicate three main colours of red, orange and pale yellow the reason for this being they are retro colours reminiscent of old radio station's branding and colours this way the colours of the logo associates itself with music as a whole theme rather than one aspect of their company. 

logo board.png