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Answering giffgaff's D and AD competition brief, 'Unlocking the power of 5G for the giffgaff community' This is the concept I developed as my submission. Communities in the UK are currently facing the largest pandemic in modern history, with the government’s official advice, members of the public are all practising social isolation and self-quarantining. In these frankly surreal times giffgaff's ‘#VirtuallyReal’ is a platform which unites families, friends, colleagues and most importantly communities via an online world. Utilising the power of 5G, giffgaff has created a world accessible through virtual reality, here individuals in self isolation can immerse themselves in a new world with no social restrictions; chat with friends over a coffee, take a seaside walk with loved ones, have a work meeting or even go to the cinema. Do all the things you used to love, only #VirtuallyReal. See more information on the artboards below, 

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Launching alongside the release of #VirtuallyReal will be a social media campaign, as phone user’s screen time has signficantly increased due to lockdown, what better time to launch a campaign! The content shows the headset in use as well as simple copy text explaining the concept in further detail, enforces the idea that users can still have a social life even in the circumstances of social isolation, as well as using the name of the concept #VirtuallyReal.

Throughout the completion of this brief I gained and learnt many new skills, such as use of Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and use of voice over and script writing. I found working within a brand's specific guidelines and style influenced me to come up with better ideas as I was restricted, I was also very pleased with the overall concept I feel as though coming up with an idea which both combines the brief with such a current topic was well thought out. The pairing of 5G enabled virtual reality and social distancing was well executed. I am very happy with the outcome of the project and look forward to hearing the results of the D and AD competition winners.

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