Parkinson's UK - DopaMe

There is currently a large issue facing Parkinson's patients in the UK, there is a lack of medication that they need in order to sustain their quality of life, DopaMe is an app which allows it's users to find the medication they need within their area. The app's UI and UX is designed with Parkinson's patients in mind meaning it's design is very simple and clear to use.


Alongside this issue DopaMe also strives to reduce the negative side effect associated with Parkinson's medication; personality changes. Unfortunately Parkinson's medication for some can cause negative personality changes I,e can cause the patient to develop a gambling or shopping addictions, hypersexuality or appetite increases. To combat this issue DopaMe has a built in survey system which notices these personality changes and recommends that users change their medication as soon as possible, users are obliged to answer these questions truthfully as these personality changes could seriously damage their own and their family and friend's lives. Alongside the design of the app please find below the logo created as well as the instructional video created to help the users get the most out of DopaMe.

DopaMe icon .png

To the right you'll find the instructional video made for the users to gain an understanding of how to use the app, the video has been created in mind for the type of user, it has clear touch indicators using a red colour which contrasts against the colour palette of the UI, and has clear voice over and instructions. To the left you'll the app's icon, which merges a magnifying glass to represent the search aspect with a dopamine molecule, the molecule which the body stops creating as a result of Parkinson's disease